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A vehicle wrap is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising you could invest your money in. It creates brand awareness, it regularly draws in new customers, it's both constant and long-lasting advertising, it's removable, and should bring in a high return on investment (ROI).

Our talented graphic designers and vinyl wrap installers will create an eye-catching vehicle wrap tailored to your brand so it gets noticed every time you hit the road. In fact, the beauty of a vehicle wrap is that it never stops selling for your business even when you are stuck in traffic or parked in a parking lot.  Compared to other forms of advertising, this has a much greater bang for your buck. Most forms of advertising requires you to keep spending more money in order for your ad to keep running and getting impressions. In contrast, you pay once for your vehicle graphics and then it will sell 24/7 for an average lifespan of at minimum 3-5+ years (we have vehicle wraps that have lasted much longer than 5 years). Not to mention, it's the least expensive salesman you could ever find. See how the common advertising methods differ below:

Ad Type Comparison

With the average vehicle wrap only costing you $57 for thousands of impressions every month, it is a sure bet to make a huge return on your investment.

However, a great advertising mechanism can be deterred by a poor design and poor execution. A poor design will not attract attention or guide the viewer to do the intended action (ie. call, visit website). A poor vinyl wrap installation will have bubbles, wrinkles and peeling within weeks and will certainly not last 3-5 years. That is why it is important to have true professionals execute both the design and vinyl wrapping to perfection. Our experience, expertise and insights allow us to do exactly that for you.

We have served small to large businesses since 1988 all across the GTA including Mississauga, Toronto, Etobicoke, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Milton & Vaughan. We use the top grade wrap vinyl brands which are 3M and Avery and should be used for any vinyl wrap job. We can wrap any kind of vehicle including sprinter vans, pickup trucks, trailers, tractors, minivans and standard cars.


Choose the vehicle graphics type that best suits your needs and budget. The most important objectives of your wrap should be to create local brand awareness and increase the company's perceived professionalism & credibility. 


The full or partial wraps' greatest strength is to command attention when it is seen and leave a lasting impression in the mind of the viewer. If you have under 5 vehicles in your fleet then the full vinyl wrap or partial vinyl wrap is best to maximize the attention on your vehicle, while also being able to promote different products/services or special promotions on each vehicle. The full wrap is the higher price option that will drive higher impressions, whereas the partial wrap is less expensive and will draw less impressions per vehicle - but can be balanced out if you have more vehicles on the road. 

For a large fleet of vehicles, it may be ideal to do a 1/3 partial wrap or simple vinyl graphics/decals for each vehicle. Each vehicle will get less attention than wraps do, but with many vehicles on the road daily, your company will become a recognizable local brand. If you maintain a consistent look across your entire fleet then your brand will be recognizable no matter which vehicle is seen. The more times a person sees your company vehicle on the road, the more credibility, professionalism and authority you will gain. Therefore, choose the vinyl graphics/decals option for a professional look across a larger fleet, or if you have a lower budget per vehicle.

Choose Type

Strong Impact Partial Wrap

A Partial Wrap means we wrap some or most of your vehicle but not in entirety. You will have the choice of a 1/3 wrap, a 1/2 wrap, or a 3/4 wrap, depending on your budget and needs. A partial wrap still delivers a strong message and attracts attention despite being less expensive than a full wrap.

Our designers will use their creativity to

do a design that still appears seamless

for a striking visual that gets noticed.

Cargo Van Vinyl Wrap - S.A. Signs & Wraps Inc.
Cube Van / Straight Truck Partial Vinyl Wrap

Concise Vinyl Graphics

Vehicle Graphics are where we install vinyl cut decals to your vehicle that can still include all

of your important information such as your

company name, logo, slogan, website, phone

number, services etc. As well as vinyl cut graphics that can elevate the design such as striping, symbols or shapes. This is great for

a concise message, a lower budget or for a consistent look across an entire vehicle fleet.

Vehicle Vinyl Graphics / Decals - S.A. Signs & Wraps Inc.

Full Impact Full Wrap

A Full Wrap means your vehicle will have 100% vinyl coverage in a seamless wrap. This allows your entire vehicle to be a blank canvas for a stunning design without any limitations. Our graphic designers can unleash their creativity for a totally unique design that can include any graphic. This also

includes perforated vinyl for your windows so

you can still see through from the inside.



Full Service Sign Shop: Custom Design, High Quality Printing, Production, Installation

We have designed the process to be as simple and painless as possible for you. We prioritize good communication throughout, which means we do our best to be highly responsive, informative, and never leave you in the dark. Our graphic designers will typically provide multiple custom design concept options for you to choose from and then you can ask for any changes until you are fully satisfied. When it's time to wrap, we will accommodate your work schedule so you are not without your vehicle for longer than you can withstand. Drop off your vehicle at our shop and come back when it's all done and ready to start selling for you on the road.

1. Get a Quote

Fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours with some ideas for your design and a quote based on the information provided. You are also granted a free consultation by phone or in-person to discuss your needs and you can ask us any questions you may have. Once you are ready to proceed, we will need a 50% deposit paid by your preferred payment method.

2. Approve Design

Before we begin the custom design we will ask if you can provide your logo in a vector format (ie. AI, EPS, PDF) and any photos, images or graphics you want included. As well as all company information you want stated in the design (ie. slogan, website, phone number, address, services etc.). We will send you a custom design concept and you can ask for changes until you approve!

3. Get It Wrapped!

Once you approve the design, we will get it printed, laminated and prepped so the vinyl is ready for install. We ask that you bring in your vehicle clean and ready to wrap. We will need your vehicle at our shop for 1-2 days to complete your vehicle wrap, and only 1 day or less for vinyl graphics application. Payment will be required when you pick up the completed vehicle.


  1. Fill out the form above and receive a free consultation and quote within 24 hours.

  2. When you are ready to proceed, we will need a 50% deposit completed by your preferred payment method (see below).

  3. Your remaining balance is due when your completed vehicle is picked up.

Payment Methods:
A) E-transfer to:
B) Cheque to: S.A. Signs & Wraps Inc.
C) Credit Card at:




Custom Vinyl Wraps for Company Sprinter Vans & Cargo Vans

Custom Vinyl Wraps for Company Pick-Up Trucks

Custom Vinyl Wraps for Company Cars: SUV's, Minivans and Smart Cars

Custom Vinyl Wraps for Company Trailers, Tractors, Straight Trucks, Cube Vans & Food Trucks


Custom Vinyl Wraps for Company Trailers, Tractors, Straight Trucks and Food Trucks



FAQ's | Questions About Vehicle Wraps

1. How long does the process take to get a Vehicle Wrap completed?
Answer: The first stage of the process is design which can take as little as a couple days to a couple weeks depending on the number of revisions. Next is the designing the files for print and completing the printing, laminating and trimming activities - this take approximately 1-2 days. After that we only need your vehicle for 1-2 days to complete the vinyl wrapping and then it's all done! So all together, it usually takes 1 or 2 weeks.

2. How long does a vinyl wrap last?
Answer: 3M & Avery vinyl both have a 5 year warranty but usually vinyl wraps can last even longer. We see vehicle wraps we did 8 years ago that still look great.

3. How much does a vehicle wrap cost?
Answer: Vehicle wraps differ in price depending on the design time needed, the total vinyl coverage & vehicle type. We offer a range of partial wraps and full wraps to try to match your budget. Partial wraps on cargo vans can range from $1,200 - $2,500, with full wraps ranging from $2,500 - $4,000.

4. What are the best brands of vinyl wrap material?
Answer: 3M is considered the best vinyl wrap brand, with Avery as a close second. They both offer a 5-year warranty and deliver on high quality. 3M stands up very well against all types of weather and they are known for their large variety of finishes, textures and colours. Whereas Avery is great for bubble-free application, it's ability to stretch around complex bodies, and long-term removability. Either brand is great for vinyl wrapping and are far better than all other competitors.


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