Our graphic design team is highly trained with the skills and expertise to provide the design solution you need. We place a high-importance on hierarchy, consistency and creativity in each design. We stay focused on the design problem at hand and make the goal to create the appropriate creative solution. We can create your new company branding from scratch (name, logo, pantone colours, business cards etc.) or maintain the consistency of your current branding across new mediums (ex. flyers, posters, menus etc.). Contact us below and we can work together to deliver the design solution that meets your needs.




We build your company image starting with a name and logo that visually depicts the identity of your business. We will begin the process with a phone or in-person consultation to get a clear understanding of what your company does and the image you want to project. Based on your ideas and vision for the company we will put together multiple logo concepts where you will decide on your favourite to build off of. We will undergo all necessary revisions until your logo satisfies your expectations. When complete, we will send you your logo in the various file types you will need for digital, web and print purposes (PDF, EPS, PNG & SVG). Contact us now for pricing and how to get started with the order form below!


23-S.A. Signs-Company Logo Design
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We design your business cards with a focus on 3 goals: being clear & simple, consistently communicating the company identity, and ensuring all critical information is stated and emphasized. After a quick consultation we will send you some design concepts to choose from and then we will make all necessary revisions until the artwork is finalized. You will have a choice between 1-sided or 2-sided, glossy or matte, sharp or round corners, the number of cards (500 is standard) and shipping time. The overall price will fluctuate depending on your choices. Once the design and production details are set, we will get your business cards printed and shipped directly to your address via VistaPrint. Our price for the entire process from start to finish starts from as low as $99.99. Contact us now with the order form below to get started!


8- S.A. Signs - Graphic Design Service
6- S.A. Signs - Graphic Design Service
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We will work with you to get the design completed for your desired print output and take care of all the necessary steps to get your products printed and shipped directly to your address. We can provide our graphic design services for any print output including posters, flyers, invitations, menus, cards, coupons and much more! You name it and we'll do it! With a focus on hierarchy and simplicity we make sure that important graphics and information are seen, understood and inspires the action or response you desire - all while communicating your company identity in an attractive and modern way. Contact us now with the order form below to get started!


S.A. Signs - Graphic Design Service.
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