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Get More Eyes On Your Sign with Specialty Chrome Silver or Gold Raised Letters.




Having a sign for your business location is an essential requirement for all companies. At its fundamental core-value, a sign directs the viewer, telling them where they are and where to go. Thus, every company at the very least needs to inform their customers and/or employees their name & location so it is possible for your business to be found!

Furthermore, your sign is possibly the most effective advertising mechanism you can have. You need to be 100% certain that any potential customer within viewing distance of your location is immediately acquired because of your signage since they are literally within walking distance of purchasing your product or service - a sale doesn't get any easier than that! In order to complete the customer acquisition, you need make sure your sign speaks to your target audience and pulls them in. That's where we can help you!

Your commercial signage will play an important factor in having a successful first impression with your potential customer. Your store-front sign could be what either draws someone in, or pushes them away to go somewhere else. A brand new beautiful sign will attract the eye, peak their interest and it tells them that your business is successful, up-to-date and will likely provide good quality products/services. However, an old, faded, run-down sign that doesn't light up properly will tell people that your company is out of date, not earning enough revenue and not likely a company they can trust to provide good quality products/services. And truthfully their assumptions could be totally wrong, but the fact is people are confronted everyday with decisions they have to make based on quick observations so businesses must make they are on the right end of it. See information below under "Choose Your Sign Type" to learn how to choose the right sign to most effectively speak to your target audience.

Since commercial signs will last over a very long period of time and speak to your potential customers right at the point-of-purchase, signage is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. You may spend over 2 thousand dollars on a beautiful sign for your business but since your signage will easily last 10-20 years or usually longer (excluding electrical components), it's a sure bet to get a high return on your investment. An illuminated box sign that costs $4,000 and will last for 20 years would average out to ONLY $16 per month for highly effective advertising. Not only that, but we offer high quality channel letters that comes with a life-time warranty which means it is guaranteed to last the lifetime of your business.

At S.A. Signs & Wraps Inc, we are very passionate about the creative side of signage, always wanting to push the envelope to achieve the most attractive and unique signs so you can stand out from your competition. We take pride in the numerous customizability options we provide to create a sign that perfectly reflects your brand and speaks directly to your target customer. First off, we can literally do any kind of sign you can imagine including sign faces, illuminated box signs, digital signs, awnings, illuminated channel letters or raised letters. Your sign can take on any 3-dimensional shape whether it be your logo or any graphic that will enhance your brand. Wondering about size?... there is no size that is too big for us to handle! Our illumination options include face-lit, can-lit, back-lit, halo-lit or any combination of them. The colour options are endless, from being able to match your exact pantone colours, to offering fancy specialty colours such as chrome and reflective vinyls. Additionally, we can print any arrangement of colours, gradients, graphics, images or photos (in other words, we can print anything!). We are a team of artists at its core, and we ensure that even the smallest of details are looked after to fulfill our promise of high quality.

Choose Type


The store-front sign type you choose should represent your brand properly and speak to your target audience. To pick the right commercial sign, first ask the questions: what is our brand image, what do we sell and who is our customer? A convenience store appeals to people looking for affordable pricing on necessity goods, so their sign doesn't need to be super fancy, thus an Acrylic Sign Face or an Illuminated Box Sign would be a very good solution. However, a high-end furniture retailer wants to be known for their high quality and gain trust with their potential customer who is in the market to make an expensive purchase, thus a higher-end sign such as Illuminated Channel Letters or Raised Letters would suit their brand much better. Another factor to consider is whether your sign should light up at night or not. If your business is open after 6pm, then you need to make sure customers can find you once the sun goes down, especially during the winter months when the sun goes down earlier. Even if your business closes early, you may still want an illuminated sign because if you are located on a busy street it will act as a highly effective advertising method to reach new customers passing by. Ultimately, choose the sign that will resonate with your target audience the best and leave the most positive first impression before they even take one step inside your building unit. 

An Acrylic Sign Face is simply an acrylic sheet with your graphics applied to the front of it, that is secured into a frame which can be installed to the side of your building. This is the least expensive option for your store-front sign. It can effectively communicate the name and important information of your company while adhering to a smaller budget. It cannot light up at night as there is no box for LED's to be installed inside. Your only option to illuminate your sign is to install spot lights from above or below to shine onto it at night.


Acrylic Sign Face


An Illuminated Box Sign is the most popular cost effective signage for small businesses. For box signs, the acrylic sign face is secured to a hollow box where the LED lights are installed inside so the sign can illuminate at night. We apply translucent vinyl to the sign face and ensure your graphics match your company pantone colours both during the day and when it's illuminated at night. This sign type is perfect for units in outdoor malls who need to attract attention throughout all hours of the day. It is also much easier to replace or alter the sign graphics at a later date if needed.

Illuminated Box Sign


Illuminated Channel Letters

If you're company is looking to stand apart from the other nearby businesses as a higher-end, more professional brand image then Channel Letters is your best option. This is a fully custom sign that breaks away from the standard, cookie-cutter box sign to elevate your brand higher than the rest. If you observe the signage used by all the major chains, you will notice they virtually all have channel letters. This is where we take your logo and lettering and fabricate it in 3-dimensional form. The front is called the face, and the hollow 3D sides/back piece of each letter is called the can. You can choose between face-lit, can-lit or a halo-lit letters (the LED lights are on the back of the letters shining towards the wall or backer creating a halo effect).  You also have the choice to have the letters fasten to a custom sign backer or go directly into the side your building. There are many letter style types you can choose from as well (see image).


Raised Letters can appear similar to Channel Letters but instead of being a hollow letter where lights can be fixed inside, it is rather a solid letter that it cut out of acrylic or metal. Raised Letters can exude an even higher elegance and a higher-end brand-image than channel letters with chrome, brushed aluminum, silver or gold letter options. Raised Letters would most often need to be fastened to a custom sign backer that would be fixed to the side of your building. The options are endless for your sign backer including metallic or any solid colour, a matte or glossy finish, or even a printed image.

Raised Letters with Backer

16 - S.A. Signs - Illuminated, Channel Letters, Awnings for Businesses.jpg

Choose an Awning for a classy and stylistic look for your business. There are many styles of awnings depending on the brand image you want to represent whether it be an elegant or vintage look. Awning styles include traditional with or without a valence, bullnose, quarter-round, waterfall, concave, circular or gable. You can go with a higher-price option where your logo is inked into the fabric, or the less-expensive option where your logo is a vinyl decal on top - but it has a very short life-span. Awnings materials can come in many colours and patterns.

Illuminated Awnings



Full Service Sign Shop: Design Advisory, High Quality Printing, Sign Fabrication, Installation

We have designed the process to be as simple and painless as possible for you. We prioritize good communication throughout, which means we do our best to be highly responsive, informative, and never leave you in the dark. Our graphic designers will typically provide multiple custom design concept options for you to choose from and then you can ask for any changes until you are fully satisfied. Once approved we will promptly apply for the city permit if necessary, order the sign materials needed, and begin production so we can get your sign completed as soon as possible.

1. Get a Quote

Fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours with some ideas & options for your store-front sign with a quote and possibly a mockup based on the information provided. You are also granted a free consultation by phone or in-person to discuss your needs and you can ask us any questions you may have. Once you are ready to proceed, we will need a 50% deposit paid by your preferred payment method.

2. Approve Concept

Before we can finalize the signage concept, we will ask if you can provide your logo in a vector format (ie. AI, EPS, PDF) and any images/graphics you want included. As well as all company information you want stated in the design (ie. slogan, website, phone number, address, services etc.). We will send you a design concept rendering of how your sign will look on your building and you can ask for changes until you approve! 

3. Build & Install!

Once you approve the design we will move to the production stage where we will order the sign materials and apply for a city permit if necessary. After we receive the approval of the permit, we will begin to build your sign, print/cut and apply the vinyl graphics, and then install it to your building. Turnaround time on acrylic sign faces and box signs are approx. 1-2 weeks, while channel letters or raised letters are approx. 2-3 weeks.



  1. Fill out the form above and receive a free consultation and quote within 24 hours.

  2. When you are ready to proceed, we will need a 50% deposit completed by your preferred payment method (see below).

  3. Your remaining balance is due on the day of installation.

Payment Methods:
A) E-transfer to:
B) Cheque to: S.A. Signs & Wraps Inc.
C) Credit Card at:




High Quality Commercial Signs: Channel Letters or Raised Letters
Non-lit, Illuminated or Halo-Lit | Chrome, Metallic or Pantone Colour Match



High Quality Commercial Signs: Face Signs & Illuminated Box Signs
Non-lit or Illuminated | Acrylic or Aluminum | Pantone Colour Match, Translucent Vinyl

Box Signs



High Quality Commercial Signs: Commercial Awnings
Illuminated or Non-Illuminated | with or without Valence | Traditional, Bullnose or Quarter-Round


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